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Thread: Yo!

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    Join Date: Oct 2011
    Location: SF Bay Area
    ME: Dean RC8FF
    MA: Ibanez Talman
    Rig: Peavey 5150 or EVH 5153

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    Hey guys,

    Well, names Rob, been a guitar player for 7 years. Play mostly metal with a bit of experimental twist. Ive been using seven string guitars for 5 years, switched over to 8 when I saw a great deal on an LTD sc608b, been hooked on 8's since. Now Im looking to top it off with a custom fan fret 9 string from Elysian Guitars haha. Anyone else have a fan fret or 9 string?

    Stumbled on this site several times in the past through search results from various engines, noticed alot of the same stuff going on here that I liked about sevenstring.org. This community seems to be a little more refined than over there, so its more inviting and not so much a popularity contest hahah.

    Im a bit of a gear whore, usually able to tear myself away from some when my collection gets too big and to gear that doesnt get attention as much. Im also a private pilot, working on my instrument and aircraft dispatcher ratings. I accrue some money at my job for a US airline but mostly go insane from dealing with some coworkers and lower fare paying passengers. Horray!

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    Welcome!!! So we can use you for sending cheap US-shipments then?

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    The Industrialist

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    F the Yay Area

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    Welcome to the forum.
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    Join Date: Oct 2011
    Location: SF Bay Area
    ME: Dean RC8FF
    MA: Ibanez Talman
    Rig: Peavey 5150 or EVH 5153

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    Thanks! Hahah, certain parts of the bay area I can say ya, eff that! You can use me for "cheap US shipping" as long as I can play the gear and you cover the costs hehehe. Just got my new EVH 5150 III yesterday, so quiet I dont really need the ISP Gstring. Very nice head indeed!

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