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Thread: Hi everyone

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    Hi everyone

    Glad to find this page and see all the info and opinions. Im just a dude who loves playing guitar, building guitars when possible and talking guitars. I have been playing since I was 12 and am proud to say have made it to 42. I never stopped playing like so many others. Even with a former full time national job I added trips to guitar companies and luthiers in any place I could find and since I travelled the country for 15 years I have seen quite a bit. I have gone through several phases of G.A.S. and have formed pretty solid ideas on what I think about gear....that it dont fucking matter ....too many people get caught up in the mathmatics of wood..pickups..basswood vs etc... and truth be told gear is partly...and I do say partly....... excuses...excuses for not being a better player. Yes nice equipment is awesome and I obsess too but in the end the same company can make 10 of something and maybe 2 will be the ones I can feel..that have "it" find them..buy them and stop bitching about your TONE!! If you have weak picking or left hand it will make 10k worth of gear sound like shit!!

    Rant aside...nice to be here.

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    You'll fit riiight in! Welcome.

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