I have been posting on here for a while however, I never introduced my self.

So my names Pete and I have been playing for about 4-5 years and I live in sunny Sheffield UK.

I was fairly active on ss.org under the extend range guitars bit (same user name) after getting bored of the millionth post on "what string gauges should I use?" and "I'm a tool and I broke my guitar" and "you can't get a good tone from basswood or alder" etc... So now I usually hang around here

I play in a band with this man:


Here is my current rig minus a few bits:

I have build/heavily modded a few guitars however, each time I keep changing my mind on what I want (currently baritone and not mahogany). So currently I never really use any of my builds so I just use my 8 string for everything. However, I now know a fair amount on guitar tech'in, wood types and how to build etc..

Heavily modded changed head stock shape, carved body to desired shape, changed the fret board to ebony, painted it, changed all the electronics, trem and basically it isn't the same guitar.

Built this one from scratch, sounded great at the time however, I have learn loads since this first build and I know know not to make the necks as thin as this ones

Anyways once I have moved out of my current place, and I have enough money to fit out my workshop, I will be building again so be expecting some build pics in the next decade