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Thread: Greetings from NC

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    Greetings from NC

    Hey ppl! Just thought I'd introduce myself. Been a metal fan for a while now. Started with old school Metallica and Megadeth, now I'm a big fan of Slipknot, Scar Symmetry (Holographic Universe), Amon Amarth, and FFDP' among others. My main guitar is an Ibanez Gio (tuned to E), but I also have an Ibanez MTM2 and a Dean Vendetta 7 string. Been playing for a little over a year now, really loving the learning process. Just trying to find people to learn from.

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    Where in NC are you?

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    Welcome aboard! I just got an MTM2, they're win. You should play it more as your main axe.


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    Greetings fellow Carolinian.

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    I'm in the Winston area.

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    Welcome aboard!

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