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Thread: Minotaur

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    Join Date: Mar 2012
    Location: the Minotaur lives in the Labyrinth.
    ME: Ibanez Saber
    MA: Yamaha classical

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    haha i am the Minotaur.

    playing like 17 years, teaching 7.
    studied one year jazz. 2 years classical. finished grade 3 harmony, took a course for grade 4 harmony at the royal conservatory of music but never took the test for it.
    But my passion is metal!
    play in one power/speed metal band, had one album on indie label, and starting some symphonic metal project, dont know where thats goin, the speed power metal band is my baby.were coming back. been few years got wayyyyy beter singer than before.

    gear' ok ill go from oldest to newer.

    yamaha classical c-i dont know the number right now.
    art n lutherie acoustic

    godin g series g4000
    bc rick warlock la series
    bc rick assassin neck thru
    ibanez rg x2
    ibanez s-dqxm x2

    main amps
    fender vintage blonde tremolux '62 head ,used with mashall 1964 4x10 a slanted cabinet.
    line 6 spider 4 half stack.
    peavey vtm 120 used with fender ge412 4x12 cab.(might sell eventually)

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    Location: Los Angeles
    ME: Schecter
    MA: Yamaha - Nylon
    MB: OLP MM3
    Rig: V2 / Titan

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    "The most important thing I look for in a musician is whether he knows how to listen." -Duke Ellington

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    ME: Ibanez RG7620
    Rig: HD500

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    Welcome aboard man, you've come to the right place

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