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Thread: Greetings from Crewe, UK

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    Greetings from Crewe, UK

    Greetings! I heard this was a good forum for axe-wielding musicians of the sacred art that is heavy metal!

    I also heard it would be a good place to put up some of the gear i'm selling (as recently i have come to realize that 8 stacks and 17 guitars is a tad excessive... just a little bit anyway) and to get some tips on this that and t'other and of all the forums of this kind, this was the one recomended to me the most (good job guys ) so here i am, i'm a metal guitarist, from the chav capital of the world, i mostly play in C and B, i'm a sucker for new gear and my current rig consists of a Peavy Vypyr half stack with the Sanpera Footswitch and an old Danelectro FAB metal pedal, just in case.

    Stay Metal

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    Wirelessly posted (Hivemind)

    Welcome! You seem to be confused. When you realize "holy bajeesus, I have a boatload of guitars!" the correct response is not to get rid of them. This realization is not the realization of a problem, other than the problem that you don't have TWO boatloads of guitars. I would recommend converting all of your for sale threads into "sell me more guitars plz" threads

    Sorry to hear about your proximity to the chavs. We don't have chav issues around here, just old lunatic fringe motherfuckers, but I hear that chavs are quite poopy. Best of luck with that.

    R.I.P. Guitars Etc
    RHLC Chief Promotions Officer

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    Hahahaha! If only! At the moment i need the money more than i need the guitars, which an extremely depressing thought, but i'm converting the spare room of my flat into a studio.

    And they are not really a problem most of the time, although they tend to infect all the pubs with their presence (apparently the crappy rave clubs are not quarantine areas as i once thought)

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    Welcome aboard! I'm some times in Crewe with work as we've got a site there. I always thought Crewe consisted of the Ramada Encore, a business estate, a McDonalds and 2 roundabouts


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    Oh no, its much, much worse than that

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