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    Hi there, short introduction.
    Male, 42 years, being in metal since 1978, three kids, lousy solo player, reasonable rhytm player.

    Long introduction

    Back in the 80s early 90s i played a few bands now and then, had a lot of fun but that was it.

    After that i lost track of playing and was more interested in partying, girls and working. I know, strange combi but without the work a couldn't get enough money for the partying. etc.. etc..

    For now i'm in settled, as we called it in dutch "huisje Boompje beestje", so i try to pick up the guitar. Never sold my maingear and stored the stuff on the attic. I even bought new/2nd hand gear in the past 15 years with the promise to myself to play with it, but after a few months untouched it ended on the same attic, the only thing i did was building a few tele's just for the fun of it.

    So here i am, trying to get my guitarskills up and running again, read some new information what has happened the past years.
    And do i have the right Gear for being a metal master etc..

    I have moved to a bigger house, so i moved my gear from the attic to my new study/working room. what did i find on the attic:
    BC Rich - Mocking Bird Supreme
    BC Rich - Bitch made in europe (great quilt)
    Gibson LP Standard
    PRS - Custom 24
    Fender Stratocaster hotrodded (three hot rails)
    Fender - Stratocaster American standard

    A few home made Tele's with:
    SD Hot Rodded Humbuckers SH-4 JB / SH-2n
    Bill Lawrence XL500l/L500
    Duesenberg Grand vintage humb./Domino p90
    TV Jones Powertron
    TV Jones Classic+ / Classic
    SD BG 1400

    Mesa Boogie Tri-axis, Mesa boogie SC 2:90, Intellifex.
    2x Kool & Elfring 2x12" V30

    A few pedals to fool around with.

    Playing influenced by:
    Tom G. Warrior, Rob Lind (awesome songwriter), Candlemass, Hetfield (early days). Sisters of Mercy etc.

    Music i listen to:
    Hardbob, Hardrock, heavy metal, heavy prog, stoner doom, hardcore etc.

    What kind of music i like to play with a future band:
    Stoner, Doom, Hardcore (blood for blood, madball, Down, Crowbar, COC).

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    Rig: Diezel Hagen/Zilla's

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    MA: Takamine 12
    MB: Spector Euro 5
    Rig: SLO|Road King|Überschall

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    That's some seriously nice gear to have in the attic!!!

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    ME: Ibanez RocketRoll II
    Rig: Mesa Triple

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    ME: Rich Mahogany
    MA: Godin A6 Ultra
    MB: SR500
    Rig: Massive/Boobies

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    Nice to have another TriAxis user!

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    MA: Martin DXK2
    MB: StringlessRusted Leonbass
    Rig: Mark-V 25 1x12

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    Dang dude, that is some seriously cool gear you had sitting in your attic! Cheers and welcome!

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    Thanks, i'm aware that i have great gear, It's a great thing when work is a pleasure, among other things, it gives you also cash to buy stuff. The only thing that i couldn't buy was talent ;-)

    The tri-axis was bought by me in 95 at Haight/Ashbury in San Fransisco USA. Later that summer i bought the 2:90 over here in the Netherlands, both are really NOS ;-). I only used my rig a couple of times during my bands rehearsel, at the end of 95 the band breaks up.

    Anyway what's a topic without pics:
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    Join Date: Sep 2008
    Location: Black Swamp, OH
    ME: Rich Mahogany
    MA: Godin A6 Ultra
    MB: SR500
    Rig: Massive/Boobies

    iTrader: 16 (100%)

    I want a cab that says Kool & Elfring on it!

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