Whats up all, drum programmer here, looking for djent~ish guitar players

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Thread: Whats up all, drum programmer here, looking for djent~ish guitar players

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    Whats up all, drum programmer here, looking for djent~ish guitar players

    So the title pretty much says it all. If your a guitar player looking for a drum programmer....hit me up. i have tons of drum tracks and making more tracks all the time....

    My main influences are Meshuggah, BTBM, The Contortionist...tech metal sorta stuff.

    My gear... i have Pro tools, Superior Drummer, Bulb Pack, BFD2, Roland TD-4, Reason, Fruity Loops, Guitar Pro, ..tons of creation tools...

    A sample pack of some of my "work" can be found here.

    Monkey (do) by Flight Effect on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free

    If you can record at home and have a decent sence of timing and structure, lets get an online collab going!

    C Yah,


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    Honestly, there aren't really many "djent" style guitarists on this forum, and those that are here are excellent at drum programming already. Hell, the whole "djent genre" started from people DIY recording in their bedrooms completely by themselves.

    You're talented and capable, you'll do a lot better with this kind of thing if you don't limit yourself in genre quite so much, and pay attention to who you're trying to sell yourself to. It doesn't take long to know that, while an ad with "djent" and "bulb" prominently on display will get you lots of attention on SS.org, it will give you the wrong kind of attention here. Browse around, get to know what we're about, and make your ad a little more general.

    Also, realize that we're not huge fans of people who sign up only to sell themselves. If you want to become a part of the community and chat, you're very welcome to do so, we love new joiners as long as they understand and fit in with the general vibe here.

    Honestly, your stuff is really good, if your actual playing is as good as your programming, find some musicians and start a band.

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