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    Hi y'all

    I've posted on here a few times, and but every time i went to type this thread i just drew a blank. so, to introduce myself i'm going to do a personal paragraph, go through my (short n shitty) gear history, bands, and then randoms...

    I'm 19 years old. I live in northwest Chicago, with my parents. Not currently in school, but until i go next semester, i might go to second city or the annoyance theater to learn how to do standup comedy(I won class clown out of 500 kids in high school, and am told that im hilarious; probably wont transfer onto the blogs). I am taking guitar lessons once a week by a man who believes that he is John Petrucci, but realistically, he's just as good. I am pretty ignorant to ALOT of guitar stuff, so excuse me in advance.

    As a guitarist, i've never recorded or played a show. but im trying to get my dickhead friend to play with me because he has pretty solid gear to, and similar enough taste. The only thing is finding a drummer, and sober vocalist. Since joining this website, i have become less narrow-minded about music, and you guys make me gas for a 7 string i would have no idea how to use haha. My Ideal guitar tone would be Killswitch Engage-Rose Of Sharyn, OR KSE-Let the bridges burn. Probably Dual Recs, but ill still have fun with my 6505. Because i was self taught for like 5 year... my form is shit, but i'm taking proper lessons now alt picking, sweeps, etc, and oddly enough im starting to apply these techniques to what i play. who woulda thought.

    My biggest influence as a guitarist is probably Oli Herbert, From All That Remains; my ibby is based off his(except his is the s2170 prestige, so he is an asshole for having such a nice S). Not a game-changing kinda band, or style, but i loved the way he combined everything]. Everything being his pick attack, tone, and what he was playing. Other Favorites include Born of Osiris, Killswitch Engage, As I Lay Dying, Atreyu, August Burns Red, Trivium, and SLIPKNOT. Simpler stuff, but it's what i can play. Absolutely have always hated Metallica. Just doesn't do anything for me.

    My gear: Started on my fourteenth birthday. I came home to a Yamaha Strat/15w Combo Package from Costco. The guitar was black, it was loud, thats all that mattered then.(if only it were still that simple....) i played that for maybe... two years? Got a Line6 Spider III 15w combo; my thoughts: ALL THIS DISTORTION ZOMG PROFFESIONAL SETTINGS?!?!?!?!?!? REVERB DELAY CHORUS OOMG NO WAY EFFECTS YES!! So, i loved it for a few years. then bought the 120w combo and still thought it was awesome. but when i started getting an ear for tone, i dumped the $15 costco yamaha guitar, and bought a Schecter Damien FR. Floyd Rose? EMG-Hz's? Grover Tuners? BAT INLAYS(still the coolest inlays i've seen to date)? $400 christmas special!? YES! Loved it. Year later threw EMG81/85 in it, and loved it even more. But as my ear further developed, i started liking softer stuff as well, and i noticed the awful cleans of the EMG's, so i bought a Fender 72 Thinline Semi-hollow. Absolutely beautiful. probably the best guitar i have to date.In april i bought an ibanez s670PB used from GC for $400, threw some EMG's in it, 81/SA/85. Love it forever, though i might sell it, only to grab a S4170(neck thru s series.) or S2170. Recently(two weeks ago) i got approved for a guitar center credit card, and dropped.... oh let's say $1700 on a 6505+(used, RED FACE ZOMG), with a New Mesa 2x12 Recto cab. The cab makes LINE 6 heads sound good. The head? Oh, the FUCKING MORONS DIDN'T WRAP THE TUBES BEFORE SHIPPING AND THEY ALL FUCKING BROKE But lucky for me, i got pro coverage on it when i bought it, so the idiots are fixing it. I should say lucky for them, cause i woulda shot up the store if they refused to fix it... BUT the important thing is that i get the head back tomorrow, or the next few days. And I'll post some clips from one of the shitty recording methods i have.

    If anyone has any questions about gear i have, or wanna buy the120w line 6 combo (which you prolly don't) PM me! I hope i can be of help to some people in the future, and i hope you wont roll your eyes to my stupid questions! Thanks!
    Edit: anyone wanna help me on how to set my avatar/ get awesome titles like all you guys?!
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    User CP, edit your details

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    Wirelessly posted ()

    tl;dr but welcome aboard!
    Division: American Metal without the suck.

    So live for today,
    Tomorrow never comes.
    Die young, die young,
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    Schecters are shit.
    "W yn shn y zhī, shn y xng.
    Tiān xi m nng zhī, m nng xng." - Lao Tse - my band.

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    Thinlines are cool. I am GASing for a tele, but I don't have the budget for one right now.

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    I stopped reading about half way through, but welcome!

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    Rig: MKV25, Port City OS Wave

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    The Schecter is shit, but since it's not worth anything.... Ill keep it till it breaks.

    And dude. Get a tele. If you already have high output guitars, why do you need more of them? Grab a Tele. (I wanna Grab the Jim Root White sig but i dont wanna drop $1200 on a guitar im gonna have to PUP swap.)

    Sorry if it got boring. just saying my shitty background as a mediocre guitarist.

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