My LiCO2 makes me pee a lot...

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Thread: My LiCO2 makes me pee a lot...

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    My LiCO2 makes me pee a lot...

    Also, tater tots don't taste right after removing the crunchy exterior with fine-grain sand paper, I HATE FAKE BOOBS, BECAUSE THEY LOOK FUNNY, AND THE SCARS ARE UGLY!!!! Sometimes when I poop, the feces have a consistency somewhere between that of chunky peanut butter and runny, slightly granulated toothpaste, and BOY is it WARM!!! I taught one of my band mates how to hack WEP encrypted WIFI using backtrack Linux because his parents don't speak english, and are thus either too poor or too stingy (I can't tell which) to get their own Internet. Sometimes, when I call my friends and get their voicemail, I leave a message of myself doing exhale pig squeals into my Android phone. When I first rooted and ROM'd that Android, I forgot to set a ring tone, and my girlfriend got really mad because I went to sleep and forgot her and I had plans (I stayed up all night working on research on different 'Droid ROMs before finally settling upon one). I love Quizno's AND Subway EQUALLY, but McDonald's tastes nasty when compared to Burger King, Wendy's, and Checker's... Don't even get me STARTED on Popeye's CHICKEN. FUCK!! THAT SHIT IS TASTY!!! I live in Florida; it is WAYY too hot and humid here for my liking. Sometimes, I go up north in the winter, and run around in the snow in shorts a T-shirt, and flip flop shoes despite the fact that it is 20 Degrees Fahrenheit. I like to lurk on 4chan and look at the /s/ channel sometimes when I get bored. My band has lyrics that are dripping with political metaphors and allusions, mostly with liberal or half liberal/half libertarian leanings. Democrats and Republicans get a lot of campaign donations from companies owned by the same conglomerate, and thus are both corporate puppets, although to differing extents. One time, I forgot to piss after having unprotected sex, and got a UTI. When I was younger, I thought I wanted to be an automotive engineer, and got to Universal Technical Institute... LULZ a COLLEGE has the same abbreviation as Urinary tract infection!!! Goats are like Mushrooms. If you shoot a duck, I'm scared of toasters. One time at band camp... wait... So I says to her, I says, NO, I got YOUR nose, now gimme mine back, because I NEED IT TO FUCKING BREATHE, OTHERWISE MY MOUTH DRIES OUT, YOU ASSHOLE!!!

    Oh, and 9/11 was ans inside job. Be back later, imma go play Guild Wars 2.

    Oh, and BT-DUBBS, if you actually read all that, you have been trolled, and your time wasted horrendously. My name is rick, I actually don't play guitar much anymore, because I focus on vocals due to the fact that I am better at screaming than playing guitar. The guitarist in my band uses my old equipment, and I only really use my guitar an theory knowledge for composition purposes. And, I am NOT gonna play Guild Wars 2, because after they released the official version that was NOT a beta, it runs like utter SHIT on WINE unless you patch it. I use Lubuntu 12.04 AMD64, and Windows 7 Pro x86_64 in a dual boot in my custom computer I built myself. C2C is the shorthand name for my band, Chained To Conform, which at the moment, is incomplete (we are missing members), and the sfl is South Florida. Some of the things in the random trolling/rambling really happened, some did not, and some were just quoted/modified memes. If yo want to know which is which, message me, or respond to this post. Now, if you will all excuse me, I have not slept in roughly 36 hours, and am exhausted. I am gonna go sleep, stay metal \m/,

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