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    Hello from Ontario!

    Hey guys!

    Been posting a little bit on here. But, haven't introduced myself properly!

    My name is Nick. I'll be 28 in about a month. I own a pizzeria and am engaged to a beautiful lady
    I'm aspiring to create some kick ass music that other people might enjoy. I started playing around with recording stuff about six months ago or so. Became apparent to me fairly quickly that my timing was pretty poor from years of just playing whatever and not really practicing. So, now when I have the time I'm trying to practice slowly to a metronome to try and undo some of the bad things I have developed over the years.

    Just recently I put on a 190 set of circle k strings on my bass and tuned it and octave below my 8-string. Been working on my tones and trying to write some heavier material and put together a small EP or something.

    Here's where I'm at so far with my sound. Drums, bass and guitar tones are all made by me. I'm pretty happy where it is going. Sounds very heavy and evil I think

    Drum programming is also by me which I am figuring out still (haven't touched velocities at this point)

    Check out my site!! - musical exploration
    [ ReverbNation ] [ SoundCloud ] check it out!

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    I'll give that clip a listen when I get home.


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    Do you sell poutine as well as pizza?

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    Welcome to the forum!
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    Location: Ontario, canada
    ME: DC800 / Strat / SG
    MA: Yamaha CPX700
    MB: Godin BG-5
    Rig: Pod HD Pro

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    Thanks for the welcome, guys!

    If anyone wants to check it out... I did an attempt of Deliverance by Opeth to challenge myself.
    https://soundcloud.com/axxessdenied/...eliverance-wip (this was about 4-5 months ago i think).

    It's not a perfect cover by any means as I still working on those chops. But, it was definitely a big step forward for me in terms of recording things and improving my timing when attempting to double-track the rhythm guitars! Guitar tone was a meambobo patch on my pod hd pro with slight tweaks. I took the drums from the guitar pro tab and had to modify them as well to fit the actual tempo of the real song (tab was totally off).

    Hopefully I'll have a complete metal tune of my own pretty soon to post up and see how I can improve more from there

    And, this is I think the first song I put together after getting the pod hd pro
    Stock highway 1 tele tuned to C#
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