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    Hi from Sabre Guitars

    Hi Lads and Ladies (and Fred Brum - you get your own, kickass, bearded category)

    Hope this is the right place to introduce myself, I'm Chris Howes and I own Sabre Guitars based in Cambridge UK (only about a mile from where Jaden used to live.)

    I've been pretty quiet on the fora up until now, but having perfected my designs over the past 18 months I thought it was time to really let them loose for 2013.

    I'm a metaller through and through, erring on the prog/djent side of things and this is, I guess reflected in my instruments.

    I'm a self-taught luthier who's been building guitars for 13 years, you can checkout my website and FB page via the links in my sig.

    Here are some examples of completed builds and a few in progress photos to give you guys a feel for my work. Rather than wax lyrical about my philosophy or skills, or unique approach or whatever, I thought I'd just let the photos do the talking!

    This model the Ghost is new for 2013:

    Here's a couple in progress:

    And finished:

    This is my Wraith 2012 HB-101 Model in Wenge:

    Here's a recent review first from Total Guitar: REVIEW

    In the hands of Black Iris guitarist Johno Madgwick:

    an HB-101 in Korina with BKP Painkillers:

    Here's a Wraith 102 Series. These are finished in hand-rubbed oil and feature book matched master grade tops.

    Floyd Rose:

    6 String Headstock:

    Its available in 7 String of course! - This is Claro Walnut:

    PRS Style:

    Finally Here's a quick video by Aeon Zen's Rich Hinks demonstrating the Wraith 7 DeathMachine:

    [VIDEO]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DNJD2ngvEnA]Aeon Zen - Divinity (Official Playthrough) - YouTube[/VIDEO]

    Hope I haven't broken any rules by posting like this in an introduction. If so I apologise in advance and I'll move all this to another thread somewhere!

    In the meantime:

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    Thanks man!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sabreguitars View Post
    Floyd Rose:
    this one is so SEX!!!!!!!

    neck-thru pleeeeze.

    ". . . . . . . ."

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    Wirelessly posted (like MAGIC!)

    Beautiful work!

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    Wirelessly posted

    Very nice looking guitars man!

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    Loving those Wraiths

    The Ghost is a little too Blackmachine body, Rico Jr. headstock to me. And I'm not sure what I think of the fake neckthrough look on a bolt-on guitar.

    That aside, you clearly make great looking guitars, and I'm interested in seeing more, so, welcome

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    Thanks for the comments chaps.

    Usually my 7 string Headstock looks like this:

    But the customer requested a non-stepped design.

    The laminate body thing is also an acquired taste, but really its more to contribute to the sound than anything else.

    My necks are a true bolt-on (no wood screws) I use counterbored reverse-threaded inserts and M5 hex Machine Screws so the neck/body are clamped together rather than screwed together. This results in a much stronger, and MUCH tighter (roughly 15x) than a traditional bolt-on guitar.

    The 7's necks are also carbon-fibre reinforced so they're blisteringly thin but completely stable allowing me to completely sculpt away the heel...

    And the same on a Wraith 7:

    I forgot to mention, custom Inlay work is my favourite thing:

    There's no ebony dust or black filler being used in this one - each letter was cut from ebony individually.....

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