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Thread: Thank you for creating this site!!!!

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    Thank you for creating this site!!!!

    Hi all!

    I'm a new member here and can't wait to become part of this community. I am sort of new to the whole music forum scene, and was a member of another prominent metal/erg site until a recent banning by abusive mods. I did a lot of research before joining, and it seems like a much more easy-going, friendly place.

    The other site just seemed like a contest about who could police threads more and be a bigger D-head.

    I joined this other site, and after months of contributing, I posted letting everyone know I was going to be selling my guitar locally and if anyone could give me advice on how to maximize profits and advice in the best places to look. I got banned for a month for "don't spam gear outside the classifieds".... WHAT?!?! I never tried to sell anything to anyone on that site.

    Anyway, when the ban was lifted; I started a thread calling out the shitty mods and asking for a perma-ban. After about 6 hours of shitty comments and BS about how they don't care if people leave their community, I was perma-banned.

    Damn bullies.

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    Well, if you're coming here to complain about moderation on /7/, keep in mind that there are a few /7/ moderators who are moderators of this board too
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    I never mentioned a site name.

    I didn't come here to complain, only to partake in the forums and express my gratitude for the admin creating such a great site.

    Also, I would hope the admin would not appoint people to moderator positions who would ban someone because of something that happened on another site.

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    I think Josh just giving a friendly heads up to keep what happens elsewhere elsewhere. its not uncommon for someone to get banned at a different site, come here and bitch/whine/moan only to realize they are bad mouthing that same person over here.

    Also, sarcasm is huge here and thick skin is definitely recommended.


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    Greetings. I own this site and am also the guy that started /7/.

    Welcome to MG. Please leave other site drama at other sites, and don't start out on the wrong foot by immediately griping about forum moderation.

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    I do love heckling and all that and can take some punishment, but understand where I'm coming from as well; I am pissed about what happened and am hopeful this place is different.

    Anyway, I'm definitely not badmouthing anyone or any site in particular, more so expressing my hopes that I didn't join a similarly abusive environment.

    By the way, I didn't type anything into the "tags" section, so I don't know how 7 tags got generated for this? Can people add tags to your threads?

    Also, what is /7/?

    Nevermind, figured it out

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    A lot of other forums kinda suck, which is why this is the only one I tend to visit

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leon View Post
    A lot of other forums kinda suck, which is why this is the only one I tend to visit
    Agreed. I only have one thread going on, but so far the community seems MUCH better.

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