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Thread: New to site and 7 strings

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    New to site and 7 strings

    Hello all. My name is Chris. Just wanted to stop by and say hello. I made a similar post on as well, so if you read that, you read this .

    I've been playing guitar for almost two years. I've wanted to play all my life but never had teacher or couldnt afford one, and I would always get discouraged when trying to self teach. Then I found Rocksmith and things started to click.

    Since then, my technique has greatly improved, but I'm far from being an OK player. But I enjoy playing and want to keep working at it.

    Just til this week, I have been big on Les Pauls and was only active on I would do trades or deals on there, but it is hard and rare to find good metal style gear there or to find a good trade. I don't know why I never came to this site earlier. On the first day on this site, I found more guitars that I have been looking for or would to have loved to known about before. Also, I'm going to be buying a Schecter 7 string off a member here next week!

    Just like every guitarist on the planet, I love collecting guitars. I'm going to try to try to go through a run down of all the gear I have or had. Bare with me.

    1. Epiphone SG Special II - This was my very first electric. I didn't know anything about electric guitars so my wife at the time got me this for Christmas. It is now signed by Godsmack and in a display case.

    2. Epiphone Les Paul Standard in Trans Blue - The first guitar that I bought to seriously learn to play. I love this guitar, and will never get rid of it, but it has been my problem child. I learned a lot about soldering, changing pickups, pots, wiring, and everything with this guitar. I wanted it to be set up like Tony Rombola as much as possible, so I ordered the Rio Grande pickups he uses, and only took 4 months to come in ...... after that, I ordered a prewired harness to have better electronics. I then paid someone to install them. Wouldn't you know it, the neck pickup would quit working. I had to send the prewired harness back and pay to have it repaired. Then a few months down the road, the neck pickup stopped altogether and had to be replaced. As of right now, this guitar is finally set up the way I want it in Drop C. It plays great, and I love it, but my God did I go through absolute hell to get here. I learned a lot about being patient, or I would have smashed it.

    3. ESP LTD EC-400 - This was really an impulse buy. My wife at the time liked it, so I bought it. I didn't bond with it. Was trying to save for a Gibson, but a story for a different day kept preventing it, so I went ahead with the purchase. Later on, after separation from the wife, I sent this guitar out the door right behind her trading it for the PRS listed below.

    4. Gibson Les Paul Studio Silverburst - Growing up, my grandmaw always told me how great Gibson was. A guitar wasn't worth anything unless it was a Gibson. So, I had to have one, at least for her. After months of searching, and lessons learned with the Epiphone, I finally found the model I was looking for, the Silverburst. Much easier process this time. Ordered another set of Rio Grandes and everything went smooth as silk. The only thing is the guy that sold me the guitar said it was rosewood. Me not knowing any better went with it, but regretted not getting the Ebony board model. Come to find out once I became knowledgeable, I do have the ebony model .

    5. PRS SE 245 in Tobacco Burst - Great guitar. Traded the ESP straight up for this. Installed a set of Duncans in it, and by this time I could do everything on my own and do it right. Only problem with this guitar is it had a huge neck. Great sound, but not to my liking. Traded it for my Schecter listed below.

    6. Epiphone Les Paul Standard in ebony part 1- Bought this off a guy I work with. Installed a JB/59 in it. Didn't like the JB. Didn't keep this guitar long. Traded it for the SG Prophecy listed below.

    7. Epiphone SG Prophecy EX - I wanted a newer Epi Les Paul Prophecy really bad. There is a long story behind this, but in the end, I never could keep money to pay for it, but when I had it preordered and paid for finally, the store couldn't get one in. Then I didn't have the money any more. So I did some hunting and traded the ebony Les Paul for this. Good guitar, but not bonding with it. Its for sale to fund a 7 string.

    8. Schecter Solo-6 Custom - This is probably the best guitar I have. Traded the PRS for it, and I absolutely love it. I am now a huge Schecter fan.

    9. Epiphone Les Paul Standard in ebony part 2 - This was a beater guitar. Forgot how I even got it, but I never played it. Traded it for a Jackson RR3.

    10. Aria Pro II Strat - Another beater. Got it off a buddy for like $20 and he painted it like Frankenstrat. Traded this and the Jackson for a Squier Bass and Fender bass amp.

    11. Jackson RR3 - Got this in a trade. Played it for a few days. Didn't like the V shape so traded it and the Aria for a bass and amp.

    12. Epiphone AJ200SCE Acoustic - Got to have an acoustic. I had a cheap Washburn that I hate, so I got this and love it.

    13. Epiphone Goth Explorer painted with Chameleon Blue - This is a very unique guitar I found on Craigslist. Traded some extra gear for it. It was a black Goth Explorer, but now painted with a Chameleon blue paint, so it can be blue or green or purple depending on angle and light. Did some work cleaning up the fret board and now plays great. Previous owner routed a batter hole and installed the clip, so I may put some EMG's in it.

    14. PENDING IN - Schecter C7 Custom - Right place and right time. I will be getting this from a member on this site soon once the SG sells. Really look forward to this one. This will go well with my Schecter Solo 6 Custom.

    Wow. I didn't realize I have/had that many guitars. But I have a Fender Mustang III amp. Its a great beginner amp, but I wish now I would have got something different. At the time, I got it for the modeling presets and customization. Now I don't need it as I have a Digitech RP 1000 with 4CM hooked up and use that to give me great tones. Also, I'm using the Mesa Boogie Throttle Box and Crybaby From Hell pedals with the RP1000. I have a Digitech Metal Master not hooked up, and a Hardwire CM-2 Tube overdrive that I don't use.

    Shew. That was a long ass post. If youre still with me, I'm happy to be part of this site, and look forward to learning from you, because I love learning about guitars as much as I love to learn to play. I will be an information sponge, especially with 7 strings since I don't know much about them. I want to know EVERYTHING. Every single technical aspect as possible. I also look forward to helping others with my experiences and knowledge. And lastly, I look forward to making some deals with you.
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    Good intro post sir!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Blankplank View Post
    Good intro post sir!
    Thank you. I updated with another guitar i forgot that I still have lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by warpedsoul View Post
    Thank you. I updated with another guitar i forgot that I still have lol.
    I wish I HAD enough guitars to forget what I had.

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    Of all the guitars I have, I have spent very little out of pocket. Alot of it has been trading, or selling random things on ebay, or side earned money from PC repairs or something. I think i may have maaaayyyybbeee $400 total in all expenses including buying pickups.

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    Let not the dixie cup mislead you!

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    Welcome to the forum.
    President - Reverse Headstock Lover's Club

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    Welcome aboard! sounds like the next item on your list is a nice metal amp. the 6505+ 1x12" combos are pretty price competitive and sound killer
    just passing through....

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