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Thread: Hello, eh?

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    Location: Edmonton, AB

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    Hello, eh?

    New here from Canada.

    The quick and dirty. I'm 40, been playing since I was 13. Learned to play in the mid-late 80s when hair metal and thrash ruled the scene. I'm mainly a metal guy, lots of electronic and industrial influence has been creeping into my playing lately. But I love new wave and 80s alternative music as well.

    When you get right down to it though, I just love music...listening, playing, discussing; regardless of what it is.

    I have a few toys.

    1987 BC Rich NJ Warlock
    1989 BC Rich ST Custom - ordered new in '89
    BC Rich ASM Speedloader - still determining age
    2012 BC Rich Gunslinger Retro
    1995 Fender Telecaster
    mid-90s Kramer FR404SD - completely gutted, rebuilt, refinished, reborn
    2012 Jackson RR24XT
    1994 Ovation CC257

    Peavey EVH 5150 212 combo
    Soldano 2X12 cabinet
    Digitech RP1, GNX3000 multi-effects
    Digitech WH1 Whammy - original issue
    Marshall Guv'nor pedal- original issue, circa 1990 or so
    Dunlop Wylde Wah

    Even the kiddies have guitars
    Dean Dime ML in camo
    Daisy Rock something or other in Glittery Pink

    Anyway, once I get the lay of the land, I'll whore out some pics of my stuff.

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    ME: ESP Maverick
    Rig: 6505~(some pedals)~Orange

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    Welcome to the forum!
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    MA: Martin DXK2
    MB: StringlessRusted Leonbass
    Rig: Mark-V 25 1x12

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    Seems like you will fit in just fine! Awesome user name, too!

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    Rig: JMP-1>VHT 2/90/2>Zilla's

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    I'm so metal I shit bats

    My band > WALK IN COMA

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    MB: USA Jazz Special
    Rig: ENGL

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    THanks guys.

    Username dates back to my band in high school. It seemed cheesy at the time, but before "the big" solo, our singer would yell "On the guitar, it's Superdan!" Or something like that. It was the late 80s, what else would you expect?! lolz

    The name just kind of stuck around.

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    Rig: JCM800

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    Wirelessly posted

    Welcome. What province are you from?
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