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Thread: Hey all...

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    Hey all...

    Hey, I'm Chris and I've been a long time member of sevenstring. I used to want to be a player but stage fright and career got in the way so now I just play for fun.

    I've started making Youtube vids recently, covers and then instructionals on how to play those. I'll post them here now and again and if anyone gets any benefit from them....great

    Long term plan with music.....make an EP of Progressive metal. I have no idea how to produce music, and haven't programmed drums or bass before. I do however have some good gear. That's the advantage of a career in IT.

    Currently playing my J Custom 7 and Skervesen 7 string baritone through an Axe Ultra into a laptop running Reaper with Trilian to program bass and metal machine for drums. If anyone wants to help or collaborate, that's welcome



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    Welcome here, coming from a guy who joined after you!
    Sounds like I can learn a lot from you! New long-term goal: be worthy of a collaboration with you. I love that kind of stuff.
    Also, I'm VERY Interested in learning how to program bass/drums/other stuff too!
    So mayyyybe you want to make instructional videos on that also in the future? Yes yes I'm sure you want to

    Since I do have no band to play in anymore, nor do I plan to, my creative goal is making youtube videos, just original pieces and covers of pieces I like, mostly metal stuff and video game music.

    So yeah, lets' do this

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