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    Hello, I'm Bjorn.

    I have been lurking MG for some time and finally decided to join. All the sections are informative, and the community seems to be made mostly of actual guitarists that are trying to play music for a living, aspire to, or just plain serious about playing. That in itself is a breath of fresh air from all the other guitar related forums I have been on over the years. It is also good to find a place that doesn't promote nothing but low end gear, or the other end where you are an outsider if you don't own the latest $5000 amp stuffed with $1200 in NOS tubes and 14 R9's in Gibson's latest catalog of useful ways to build guitars out of drop off wood offerings.

    About myself.

    I have been playing for somewhere near 33 years. Metal for most of those, and extreme metal since I first heard Venom's "Black Metal" album in 82. My first real band was in Necrovore, and eventually led to gigs in Thornspawn, Hod, and now LaSanche. After all these years playing I still think my lead work sucks and working on that.

    I can be brutally honest at times, so don't get upset if you think I am being an asshole. I just see no reason to sugar coat things in a discussion.

    Gearwise, I play an old beat to hell Ibanez destroyer, Gibson V(teching this guitar has led me to hate Gibson Corp. tho it is still a cool looking fiddle), and Mesa Amps.

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    Welcome aboard matey!

    I think you'll fit rite in

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    this necrovore?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Professor Squidbeard View Post
    this necrovore?

    The one and the same. I replaced Scott Humphrey in August 1988.

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    Welcome Bjorn, sounds like your in the right spot.
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