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Thread: Hello! from wales!

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    Hello! from wales!


    My name is Jo, i am 15 years old, and have been playing guitar for 3 years.

    I relise i am quite young in comparison to 99% of the people here, and i hope that doesn't make me an outcast... (so you can also expect some pretty dumb questions from me...)

    I have been looking for a good guitar forum for a while, when i came across this one, saw that the people seemed nice, I joined.

    I play a cheep Yamaha Pacifica... thats it, not a badass-metal-god-axe-hammer-72489-MK7-thing i know, but the best beginner guitar i could get.

    Well, not much else to tell, just hope i don't regret posting this...


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    I think a lot of dudes here like the Pacificas. I only ever tried one, one of the very cheapest ones, and I thought it was really cool.

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    Pacificas are nice in my opinion :-) if you feel comfortable playing it, then it was a good choice !

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    And yeah, i ive got the cheapest Pacifica you can buy (£110 i think it cost me) it has, and is serving me well, down side is that its not great for heavy stuff, but i think thats down to the pickups mainly...

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    I do very much like my Pacifica, i realise looking back at the post it seemed i was unhappy with it :P

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    Nothing wrong with the Pacificas, when my brother bought his first guitar its what I recommended to him.

    When you get a little older you'll have more GAS money available. Then you'll get married and be back to where you are now.

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    Hey man! Welcome! Like everyone here said pacificas are great guitars, and for the money are hard to beat, they just don't look as sexy as some of the flavour of the month stuff that's out there today.

    I'm of the thinking that if you have a half decent humbucker in the bridge you can do most metal with it. Except maybe some of the ridiculously detuned stuff, like drop A/ drop G etc.

    And don't worry about asking dumb questions dude. Every one here started somewhere and we've all asked dumb questions at some point.

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