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    Hi there


    I'm Philippe, a belgian guy, I play the guitar since I'm 15, I stop a few years but take it back at full time 3years ago.
    My biggest inspiration are guitar player like Paul Gilbert, Buckethead, all the damn guy from maiden and tons of other amazing guy who like to make me cry when I try to play their songs the first time. I play some bass and drum too and start the violin. For the guitar I learn everything by my self I've never take any lesson.

    I love playing my guitar and would like to enter the brussels conservatory in Jazz Guitar. I pass most of my free time playing on my two guitar. Beside that I'm Studing computer science. I'm programming in couple of different langage (C/C++/C#/Java/PHP/..)

    In music I'm mainly listening to heavy metal music, (most of time thrash, death, heavy). But I'm a great jazz fan too and same for classical music. I try to take a lot of inspiration in as many style as I can.

    I'm founding my band, we're actualy about to record a demo but still looking for a singer. ^^ So we hope that we're finding one before the end of summer (because winter is comming. ). The project is a pagan/folk metal band influenced by band like Amon Amarth, Ensiferum, Alestorm, Eluveitie, .. And I would like to start a personal project too.

    I came here because I want to meet other guitar player and trying to learn new stuff and be able to help people when I can.

    My gear is :
    - A Cort VX4V and a Jackson RRXMG, this is not some expensive guitar but they sound great. And yes I love Rhoads shape, and it's not because of Alexi Laiho (I've seen tons of people loving these shape due to him so I like to precise). I just saw a rhoads when I started the guitar and promise me to have one of this one day. Now I only play on rhoads ^^

    - Two Peavey Valveking 100w (the VK100 and the VK212). And yes I love these amps, but I need to change my cab's speaker, actualy the two speaker are the original valveking and these speaker sound realy bad. I'm looking to place two Vintage 30 into it (the speaker that were in my old cab).

    I don't use a lot of pedal because I sold my pedalboard when I stop.. Never do that x) I sold my cabnet too.. biggest mistake ever made. But I'm look to buy a new compressor, chorus, delay, looper and booster (maxon OD 808).

    Uh what else to say, I started to do some cover on youtube.

    So thanks for reading and I hope my english is not to bad.
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