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Thread: Acoustic Drum Kit for a N00b?

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    Acoustic Drum Kit for a N00b?

    My cousin is interested in drumming. This is good because I can make him like death metal down the road

    But, he still needs to buy a kit and his budget is $1300, its mostly going to be for school band stuff. Its fine if theres no double kick. The less the better in terms of money spent...


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    IMO as guitar player that dabbles in drums i would get this

    Gretsch Catalina Maple

    with this hardware

    Pearl Hardware

    and then save some money and get these and one more stand

    Zildjan A-Custom Pack

    and i know its a little more money but IMO its worth it

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    I hear good things about Tama.

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    ebay. seriously. tama rockstars, pearl exports... good stuff from the past 9 years. and there's nothing wrong with going older.....

    then as he goes along and learns, he'll figure out what he really wants in a kit, and save his $ up and make a smart purchase.

    and if he sucks and gives up, you only spent cheap money on a used kit that you can get back by re-listing on ebay.

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