Anybody play wind instruments?

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Thread: Anybody play wind instruments?

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    Anybody play wind instruments?

    I used to play euphonium (and trombone before that) but stopped 6 years ago when I got braces. You guys play anything? I'm thinking of picking it up again but this time maybe a cornet/flugelhorn or french horn but french horns are so frigging expensive.

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    I've never played anything i had to blow into.

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    Does this count?

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    does the skinflute count? meat whistle?
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    There was this time in band camp when Chris and Drew took a flute and.......

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    i can play damn near every brass instrument proficiently, and i'm pretty badass at trumpet

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    Clarinet for a few years, got tired of blowing

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    I toot my own horn every now and again...

    But seriously, nope.
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