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Thread: NCSD (Epic new gear, no doubt!)

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    NCSD (Epic new gear, no doubt!)


    Ok, not exactly the most epic NGD ever, but anyhow. If you have vDrums, and you need a stand, do yourself a favor and buy the Roland ones. This was $30, and while it does the job, the "real" Roland ones are much nicer.

    Since I upgraded my hats, I have been using the old stock HH from my TD4 as a splash on the stock HH stand.

    The old, non-adjustable stand in question. The problem is that the cymbal can't swing on it, and it can't really be, uh, adjusted.

    Enter shiny new Simmons stand. This fucker BARELY fits on the TD4 rack. There's about 3 threads worth holding it on there, but it does bite. By comparison, the Roland ones have about 1/4-1/2" of screw biting on the nut. I don't know what they save price-wise by including a wing nut that juuuuust barely fits, but it made swapping it out a pain in the ass.

    New stand administered:

    And it's temporary home:

    I need to move the sound module, because I want this guy to sit in the middle of the two toms above it, but that would require recabling the whole shawam, and I really don't feel like it right now.

    I'm upgrading the two toms and the snare - I ordered the PDX-125 from Amazon (12" Snare):

    [VIDEO]] Roland PD-125XS 12" Mesh Drum Dual-Trigger Pad - Chrome Shell - For Snare Stand: Musical Instruments[/VIDEO]

    And will use the existing share pad + one new 8" pad for the upper toms, giving me 3 cymbals, the VH11 hats, and the ride, along with 3 8" toms and a 12" snare. I'm amassing enough fucking spare vDrum parts to almost build a second rig at this point, but after last weekend the small snare + the way too small toms were the two things that I wanted to fix first.

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    ME: EBMM JP6 / JP7
    MA: Martin DC-1E
    Rig: Axe-Fx II XL

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    Let me also say this: If you're thinking on buying vDrums, don't do what I did and buy a starter kit. Just buy all the parts and put it together yourself - you'll save money.

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    Looks good

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    I hear your album needs some drums tracked.

    ... If we only knew someone with vDrums.

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