My gf just had to make us trade valentines day presents.

But, she got me some DR Sunbeams I've been thinking about for a long time now for my 5string. I took the time to properly take off the original strings, wipe and oiled the fret board (love that lemon smell), and string up the new strings with correct length cuts and etc etc. I'm getting better at this 'caring for your instruments' thing.

Either way, I know strings stretch a bunch initially (I tried to pre-stretch a bit) so the sound right now isn't 100% accurate and a few months wear will probably make the tone a bit warmer, but right now... WOW. Unbelievable new tone. Each note is so crisp, just bright enough, and I can hear my B!!!! If tone stays anything like this as time goes on I think I've found a new favorite set of strings.

As I got more into metal I realized that my bass eq was way too intense giving a warm non-twangy tone. After lots of changing my eq's and such along with betting better/different playing styles I got a lot of twang back. These strings I think finally round out the tone I've been searching for.

Thanks for reading.