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Thread: Help with choosing new bass

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    Help with choosing new bass

    Hello people

    For some time I have planned on obtaining a new 5string bass, and until yesterday that bass was going to be a Warwick corvette $$, but yesterday I discovered the Ibanez BTB basses (yes I am a bit slow discovering things :P ).

    I already have an Ibanez Soundgear bass that plays really good and feels awesome, and since the BTB's are twice as expensive, get at lot of praise, and have a very nice set of specs I figured that the BTB's might be quite awesome!

    Now, I am going to try the both and compare them, but I would also like some opinions from you on the matter (preferably from people that have played both). I am going to tune it down to G, and I'll play mainly metal (melodic, death, progressive, black), but also some more rock-ish, punk-ish, hardcore-ish, djent-ish and funk-ish stuff (basically I'll play a lot of things, not just metal stuff :P ).

    What do you think?

    Btw the two BTB's I've been looking at are these:

    Ibanez BTB705DX-TKF - Thomann Cyberstore Sverige
    Ibanez BTB675-NTF - Thomann Cyberstore Sverige

    And here's the Warwick (this model but in red, or something similar with two humbuckers (MEC or Bartolini):

    Warwick RB Corvette $$ 5 BK OFC - Thomann Cyberstore Sverige

    Add: I am a little unsure of the pickups (hence why I'm asking for advice). The Warwick has MEC 'buckers and those sound very good according to me, so I figured that 'buckers is the way to go. However the 705 has EMG's, and the 675 has "quadcoil pickups" (probably J-bass pickup-like, or singlecoil-ish).
    EMG's will always be... well EMG's, and all that come with EMG's, and J-pickups have a tendency of sounding a little... meek. What are your experiences with with the PUP's on the BTB's?

    Add 2: I record a lot, and DI often just DI the bass since I've got no bass rig that with enough ballz to give the the proper tone. I might consider buying one sometime, but until then I'll probably DI the bass most of the time, or do a blend with like 80% DI and 20% mic'ed amp (small warwick blue cab that is a nice bedroom amp but lack the proper powah for serious recording).
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    I LOVED the 676 I played not so long back. Wish I'd had the scratch to buy it. I can't say anything for the Warwick as I've not played one, but the Ibanez is awesome.


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    I vote 705 but I'd say the one real difference you would need to choose is Barts vs EMG PUs. I've tried both and while Barts get tons of praise, I just don't like them and I've liked the EMG/ESP clones much more.
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    I prefer EMGs to those particular Barts. Plenty aggressive and still very clear and versatile.
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    I've got a BTB555 and it has wide string spacing for a 5. My other 5 string is a Spector Euro and I found it rather hard to get used to. Lots of players favour the wider spacing, as it is easier to play slap etc. But I figured it's something worth considering, as your other bass is an SR, which has narrower spacing, both at the nut and at the bridge.

    +1 for the EMGs, but at that price I'd take a used German-made warwick over all of those any day.

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    I've only played one warwick, and it wasnt that one, but it was an amazing bass. Easily and by far the best I've heard.

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    The Warwick Rockbasses are NOWHERE near as good as the German ones. I found them to be completely boring, actually

    I prefer narrow string spacing myself (I don't slap much and am terrible at it) but play whatever you can and pick what feels best to you.

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    I didnt even twig the price or anything. The one I experienced was, like, 3000

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