New Bass Parts Day!
Picstory coming this weekend. Sorry, phone is dead.

In my many packages, I received:
SX Replacement Bass Neck
Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound P Pickup
3 500k Volume pots (for the bass, bc rich, and viper)
3 USA Switchcraft output jacks
Dunlop Lemon Oil
Planet Waves polish
D'Addario .45 - .105

Holy crap, this Rondo neck is friggin awesome! It's a complete upgrade from the warped one, it's not as orange as the one that came with the bass, it has some figuring to it too...actually looks like a really nice neck, vintage tint...but done right, not orange. Disappointed it is not pre-drilled, the fretboard was also DRYYY, but I planned on that, hence the arrival of lemon oil. I thought i'd have this bass together tonight, but I really don't feel like drilling neck and tuner holes right now. For $50, this seems to be a nice bass neck. Feels comfy, though it does have their typical thick gloss coat, I don't have a problem with painted/gloss necks.

Will post pics and clips, and maybe a video soon....been listening to King's X all week, and as i'm kind of chasing Dug's bass tone, perhaps i'll record a King's X cover once this is together and working properly.