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Thread: DIY Cymbal Trigger

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    DIY Cymbal Trigger, From real cymbal

    Man, this is the Easiest thing I have done in my life.

    What you need:

    Mono Output jack (Stereo if you want a choke or dual zone)
    Broken/Cheap cymbal
    Mute pad of some sort (Mouse pad, rubber, etc)
    Gorilla Glue/Super Glue

    I have these old broken Alesis cymbals so I salvaged the rubber and output jack from them, they are dual zone and I plan to later add a choke to this cymbal, so I needed a stereo jack.

    While I originally intended to use the Adhesive spray to mute the cymbal, it did not mute very well. Instead, I ended up using it to adhere the rubber pads to the cymbal. Someone else done this and they said it worked, but it did not work for still sounded like a loud cymbal.

    While the adhesive was drying, I went ahead and got the piezo and jack ready to go

    The most simple soldering ever, removing the piezo from the plastic casing took longer.

    Done, ready for cymbal!

    Here the cymbal is drying with the rubber pieces. I wish I wouldn't have sprayed on the adhesive now, as it does nothing and is ugly. Seems like I will be able to peel it off once it dries though.

    Gorilla Glued on!

    Glue is still drying, but I did test it and it works perfectly and feels like a cymbal. It's still got clank, but it's quiet enough to get the job done.

    Also, to explain why I didn't just spray the adhesive on the bottom, to add a Choke, you basically add another piece of cymbal with a small gap, and every time you grab the cymbal you basically short the circuit, sending the signal to choke, so when I add that, I want to make sure I have enough metal contact for it to work.

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