Do I need a keyboard with a bunch of knobs and sliders?

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Thread: Do I need a keyboard with a bunch of knobs and sliders?

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    Do I need a keyboard with a bunch of knobs and sliders?

    Basically I'm looking at either the M-Audio KeyRig 49 or the Alesis Q49, or the M-Audio Oxygen 49 or the Alesis QX49.

    The first two are basically just MIDI controllers with basic controls and pitch/modulation wheels, and the second two are the same but with a bunch of sliders and knobs.

    I'm sure those are useful if you're doing techno or dubstep and need to modify waveforms on the fly, but for non-electronic types of music, are they still helpful?

    Basically do you think if i get a basic keyboard, in the future will I wish I had bought the move advanced one?

    Also I hear M-Audio keyboards don't play nicely with Windows 7 so I'm leaning more toward the Alesis. $150 is about my maximum budget. I suppose if I only need a basic keyboard, for that price I can get an Alesis Q61 instead or maybe stretch it to an M-Audio Keystation 61es.

    Guitar Center has a $15 off $75 or more coupon through the 18th so I want to make my decision in the next day

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    I have an Axiom 61:

    [VIDEO]] M-Audio Axiom 61 Advanced 61-Key USB MIDI Controller, 2nd Gen: Musical Instruments[/VIDEO]

    And while I never use the sliders/knobs on it for anything, the biggest difference between these and the cheaper ones (like the Keystation) is that the Axiom has semi-weighted keys. Keyboards without them feel lousy (especially to actual keys players), but if you're just looking to poke in the occasional MIDI beat or something you probably won't care. I bought a basic one and ended up upgrading.

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    I have a keyrig49 and never had any trouble with it in win7, and tbh I've never missed having a more advanced keyboard either, but I only use it for simple synths and drums.

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    I expect my playing to be somewhere between making simple beats and playing classical piano music.

    I'm not really a keyboardist but I noodle around on one from time to time.

    My parents have a baby grand piano so I'm used to what weighted keys feel like. But I've also played an organ before which just basically had non-weighted keys. The semi-weighted ones are nice but I don't know that it's a deal breaker for me at this point.

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