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Thread: NBD Ibanez sr1206 premium

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    NBD Ibanez sr1206 premium

    Was dropped off at my neighbour today since i was at work.

    Scuse the crappy cellphone pics

    Feels amazing.

    Only 2 cons.

    Fuckers forgot to put in 1 trussrod cover screw (found a matching one luckily) & the battery was dead on arrival.

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    You have nordstrands in there, the pre-amp is just a plus

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    Had one of these last year. Great basses
    I play bass in a band called Weaponlord.

    I also play bass in a band called Northern Crown.

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    I put those nordstrands into my Spector, you will not be disappoint

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    Played the 4 string version earlier this year. Great sounding pups, active/passive switch is handy and the price is decent.
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    Nice score!
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    That's the 3 volt 2 AA battery pre that the SR5006e has?

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