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    NBD - KD Equilibrium - 5 string bass

    Hi guys,

    I just wanted to share with you my first bass experience.
    At this point I must say that I actually play guitar and have a few of them but felt the need of a good bass for a long time. Since I know how sentimental the first guitar/bass/drums can be to a player I figured that I should start with something of high quality that I would be proud of keeping for a long time.

    Luck was on my side and I happened to know just the guy for high quality instruments. Recently I got a 7-string guitar from him and he has been my guitar tech for about a year now. Kostadin Dimitrov (KD Basses) is a Bulgarian Custom Guitar/Bass tech/builder and a great person! This guy is all heart and you can tell that he puts his emotions in the work that he does. Everything he touches turns into art!

    Unfortunately I am not a bass player and this is my first contact with a bass guitar other than couple of casual tryouts in shops. This instrument is far beyond my skills and I will try to live up to it. Please enjoy the info that I shared - pics and videos, and stay tuned if you find this interesting I got a cool photo session that I will post later on.

    You can see more from KD here: KD Basses - Welcome

    Here it is:

    "EQUILIBRIUM" is a 5-strings Set-in neck bass built with "ARCH" body profile.

    The neck is made of solid extra grade radial sawn Walnut.

    Special selection Extra grade Walnut. The fingerboard is separated to the neck by additional Maple veneer.

    24 Jumbo frets,

    34" scale,

    Semi closed contour made of combination between Walnut and Maple veneer.

    Pick ups:
    The two hand-made single coil KD pick-ups are made by epoxy technology and with Macassar Ebony application on the topside.

    Bridge pick up: 23mm/112mm
    Neck pick up: 23mm/112mm
    Two screws balance the height.

    Completely hand-made bridge designed specially for maximum compatibility the "Arch" profiled body of this bass.

    Every part and detail of the bridge is a 100% hand-made which is a guarantee for unique appearance and functionality.

    Serial number: 40603

    String-spacing: 18mm.

    Hardware: Nickel

    Finish: Three component fine polished, high gloss, scratch resistible and with perfect transparency polyester varnish.

    KDbasses concentrates on building mostly basses with passive electronics. I think there´s nothing better than the real, fresh and natural sound.

    But if you think that this monster is not built for heavy sounds check this video out. Its a Bulgarian band that KD gave the bass to for demonstrations:

    Pot 1: VOLUME Bridge pick up
    Pot 2: Master TONE
    Pot 3: VOLUME Neck pick up
    Specially hand-made wooden potentiometer knobs.

    The body is made of extremely rare, high patterned colored Maple, combined with book matched Walnut along the middle. All connections are separated by Walnut and Ahs veneer for active contrast.
    The lid of the electronics box is also made from the same wood pieces as the body. Fine polished antirust label "Made by the hands of KD"!

    Body profile: a non-flat body profile - "ARCH".
    Building basses non-flat body basses is the biggest challenge for KD. Most of the models are with the same or similar style body profiles.

    The tilt of the headstock is enough to secure string-stability and a firm connection with the nut without using any additional elements or screws.

    Non-symmetrical headstock with elegant rounded corners with fine polished KD antirust steel logo in the middle of the top side.
    The wonderful extra grade Burl Maple, used for application the top side of the headstock, is separated to the neck by walnut veneer.
    Hand-made wooden lid made of the same Maple wood for covering the truss-rod hole.

    Specially hand-made Ebony nut.
    Width - 48mm.

    Machine heads:
    This is an additionally improved machine head design which includes new style hand-made buttons, and new antirust relief material for lids.

    Strings: Warwick 45 -65 -85 -105 -135 - Tuned to B E A D G

    Some Additional Pics:

    Family photos with the KD Turbulence Guitar that I recently got:
    NGD - KD TURBOLENCE 7-string

    Thanks for reading!
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    Woah, those look beautifully made! The details are exquisite, especially the cavity cover on the bass and the "neck plate" on the guitar. Congrats on a fine pair of instruments
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    The work on that bass looks ridiculously clean. He matched up that control cavity perfectly.

    Stunning instrument dude - congrats!

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    not sure if guitar or art

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    That's a gorgeous bass!
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    looks more like a spaceship than a bass! crazy design with the neck being recessed

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    I am glad that you like it. Thanks for the kind words, guys, KD will be happy to know that his work is appreciated. Here is the photo session that i promised, it is shot by a Bulgarian photographer friend of KD (B.Kostadinov Photography) with the help of a model - Darya Goncharova. Its called "Beauty and the bass" Enjoy!

    You can look it up in facebook: B.Kostadinov Photography

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    ugh chicks with viper piercings.... so hotttttttt

    that bass looks HUGE for only 34" scale

    bass is a piece of art man. So is the model

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