My girlfriend just bought an electronic drum kit. How should she learn drums?

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Thread: My girlfriend just bought an electronic drum kit. How should she learn drums?

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    My girlfriend just bought an electronic drum kit. How should she learn drums?

    My girlfriend wants to learn drums, but being a guitar player I have no idea how to help her learn. Her favorite bands are Scorpions, Accept, UFO, etc. so she doesn't want to do anything too technical...yet. Can anyone point me in the right direction for articles, YouTube videos/series/lessons?


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    i heard somewhere that if you hit one of the pads with a stick (or anything really) that it makes a noise. I think the point is to play each different drum in a specific order to make a "beat".

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    If she will want to get quite studious about it, grab a copy of Dave Weckl's A Natural Evolution DVD. There's some great stuff that covers the very basics of how to hold the stick. The section may be on YouTube, so have a look.

    Also find some videos on rudiments, like paradiddles, single and double strokes, rolls, buzzes, and that sort of thing for the hands. For pedals, search for single stroke kick videos.

    Those will all be a bit dry, and she might want to do some things that are a bit more musical and fun, so take a look for some lessons on the fundamental beats, like shuffles, 16th note and triplet feel patterns.

    I'll dig out some links in a bit when I'm on my PC.

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    My youngest son (9 yrs) is starting out with drums. He has taken five lessons so far. The teacher's approach is getting into some simple theory like fours and eighth notes. The actual playing consists of some different patterns involving both hands on a single drum and learning the most basic drum rythms like fours on the hi hat, and then kick and snare on 1 and 3 and slight variations thereof. In class they play along to some current pop hits. Eager to jam like I am him and me have decided to try our hands on AC/DC's Back In Black. I think he can manage it with some practice and I think your GF can try to learn some as well with out getting too deep into details right away. There are quite a few tutorials on AC/DC songs on You Tube. An electronic kit is great for jamming to songs. My son has a real kit and he beats real hard which makes it impossible for him to listen to a backing track with headphones with out cranking up the volume to 11 which would damage his hearing.

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    Once you learn how to correctly hold a stick, practice some rudiments and learn decent kick technique then the rest is practice and fine tuning technique.

    There's a decent drum tuition thing on YouTube that also has a website where you can pay for access to more videos. Very informative and easy to digest. Can't remember what the name of it was though.

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    iTrader: 11 (100%) - this is a great channel. A fair chunk of it is aimed at intermediate players, but it'll be inspirational when it's not teaching her anything, and there's still a lot of beginner content on there.

    Just checked, and they have a really old video that attempts to take you right from your first go on a kit. I just watched it, and it seems pretty good.

    These two clips are from Weckl's DVD. In contrast, this is super dry, and I wouldn't expect her to leap right into focusing on this stuff (especially the second) and skip the part of just having fun on the kit, but it'd be good to watch these to have an idea of what's out there if she wants to explore things.

    Here's a playlist of rudiments. This guy does no nonsense playing of the whole set of rudiments. No talking, just straight in, demonstrating each one.

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    If you have an old 360 or PS3 you could pick up a Rock Band kit, RB2/3 has a really cool drum trainer mode that teaches you all sorts of things like paradiddles and limb independence, and you can slow it down and build speed. All of the skills will transfer to a real kit, I know Rock Band gets plenty of shit from "musicians" because it's a game, but I know a few guys who have picked up actual drums after learning the ropes from it.

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    To answer the OP, ideally from a middle aged man with a dark past, a cool name like "Theodore 'Injun' Jones" , and the scars from a lifetime of hard drugs and even harder rock.

    Or youtube.

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