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Thread: One more Spector thread....

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    One more Spector thread....

    So, I'm chopping my ESP Standard Series Surveyor in as there's something in the tone that I just can't get on with, I used it to track my last album and there was a frequency that was killing me. I was thinking about going Precision/Jazz as a lot of albums that I love have been tracked on them, but I've just been offered a straight trade on a Solid Maple Czech Spector (pre Euro series). I used to own a cheaper Spector and really liked it, I'm interested if anyone thinks this is a worthwhile deal?

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    Was it the high end? Because I feel the same with Music Man basses. The extreme high ends kill me, and the Surveyor has a MM bridge pickup.

    And that sounds like it could be a good deal. those Euro spectors kick so much ass, and you'd probably love the tone if it's a classic P/J one.

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    Not just biased because I own one here but, after years of recording, mixing, and engineering many bassists with instruments from all over the spectrum, I'm yet to find any that are instantly as pleasant to my ears than Spectors. Do it, and do it now.
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    I'd absolutely do it. The all maple Spectors are probably just a hair sweeter than the maple top/alder back ones. I had an early Euro that I still kick myself for selling and it sounded awesome - was solid maple with no walnut wedge in it. Of course, my new Euro kicks all sorts of ass too, so maybe I'm just a fanboy. I'd find out what preamp is in the Spector though first.
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    Do it.

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    yup nothing wrong with the pre euro series czech basses, NS4CR ?

    I played one with passive EMG GZR's and a Darkglass Tonecapsule and it was tone paradise! Depending on what year the one you are offered is made, it could have an aguilar obp-2 or a tone pump junior I believe.

    Anyway, do it.

    'just buy a spector'

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    The EMG sound is an instant classic for many genres. Great for recording.
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    Got some pics of what the guy is offering.

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