Needing advice on Death Metal Vocals.

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Thread: Needing advice on Death Metal Vocals.

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    Needing advice on Death Metal Vocals.

    Hey guys, I am new to vocals of any kind but I really like the sound of Death Metal style vocals so that's what I have been working on these passed few weeks. I have little time to practice, only when driving, since that's when I am in a place where I won't bother people when I am not driving my coworker to work. Since I am driving and I have not really practiced enough I don't know the lyrics by heart to the songs I have uploaded so far. I was hoping if anybody can give me some criticism and advice for improvement. Also recordings are done with phone recording. Thanks for any help you can give! I have wanted to get into music for years but never had I had an opportunity to do so! By the end of the month I should have my SM7B microphone and a place where I can openly practice for extended periods of time which is why I am reaching out to my fellow metal heads!

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    All I can ask is that I suck a little less each time I pick up my guitar...

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    I checked out the Into Eternity clip. It sounded pretty good. Your enunciation is really clear, and the growls are deep, but not gurgly, which is how I like them.

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    I'm for sure going to repost things when I get set up at my new place. I will learn the lyrics so it's not just some silly nonsense when I don't know the words haha!

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    Thanks for putting this post in a better place by the way. Are there any other death metal vocalists on this forum that wouldn't mind sharing their work with me? I mean like listen to what you've done.
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    Sounds pretty darn good for only a few weeks.

    Kinda has a little too much throat in it, like you're not pulling enough air from the diaphragm and projecting, but instead relying on pushing air through your upper throat and mouth to produce the growling. Were you sitting down when you recorded this? If so, never sing sitting down, it can lead to torn vocal chords (ask King Fowley about that).

    The three biggest things that helped me early on were:

    A) taking breathing lessons.
    B) watching singers I dug sing so I could emulate how they breathed and how their mouth and jaw shaped the tone
    C) making sure I was relaxed - when I was uncomfortable or wound up or tense in any way it lead to a lot of vocal fatigue. When we were touring if I went on stage with my mind elsewhere (stressed at the booking agent, irritated by a douchebag club owner, mad at a girlfriend, whatevs) I could feel it in my throat the next day and if I did several gigs in a week like that after the third or fourth one I couldn't speak properly the following day. What helped the most was just fully buying in to the performance and shutting out everything else.

    Then, you need to make sure to take care of your throat - as guitar players we have the benefit of being able to take our instruments and clean them and put 'em in a case to protect them. Can't do that with your throat. So, avoid smokey places as much as you can, don't drink anything cold or sugary before singing (cold constricts vocal chords and makes them more susceptible to damage and sugar acts like liquid sandpaper on them), avoid spicy/acidic food before singing, stay hydrated (water not sport drinks or energy drinks) and ALWAYS warm up before performing - 30 minutes of breathing exercises will make a world of difference before going on stage or into the studio.

    Here's a link to my latest and one from 20 years ago.
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    i agree with Iron1, also the Open Tomb - Soul Shadows tune is great. i would like to play that on my radio show if you dont mind?

    here some stuff i did (recorded and mix still learning but anyway) BORN OF HADES TO UNCREATE & TRIAL BY STONE SHADOWS PERSEVERED IN ASH

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    Quote Originally Posted by ‹berschall View Post
    deep, but not gurgly, which is how I like them.
    Are you just purposefully setting yourself up for a joke here?

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