Some demo clips of film/tv/game stuff I've done since Christmas

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Thread: Some demo clips of film/tv/game stuff I've done since Christmas

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    Some demo clips of film/tv/game stuff I've done since Christmas

    Hi guys

    I've written about 35-40 minutes of demo-level music for television, film and video game clips since Christmas and I decided to condense a few of the tracks into a 4 minute mix of stuff.

    It's all very much work in progress, and this particular mix is heavily biased towards my orchestral work, but feedback would be much appreciated. I'm looking to go into the industry of music for various forms of new media when I graduate. The first couple of clips are inspired by the Call of Duty video games.

    Thanks for listening, I'm hoping to have a solid portfolio up soon

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    Sounds good. What sample packs are you using for this?

    From an orchestrational standpoint, I'd say that there's a pretty heavy overuse of the gong/tamtam (a bit hard to tell the two apart sometimes) hit. It can be really striking in small doses, but like this it feels sort of predictable and detracts from its climactic effect. Granted, it'd be somewhat masked in a video game setting, but it might still be worth considering. Just my 2c.

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    ah, hey! it's you! :P

    i would try not to overdo the super-large-orchestral-sound, and rather aim for more "striking" content. it all sounds like what i expect to hear, if you know what i mean?

    it sounds great for what it is, but if you want to get some more attention, you should try to do some more emotional harmonies and melodies. when something really stands out, it's appreciated more

    i'm sure you've heard it a million times, but take a good listen to this:
    [VIDEO]]YouTube - Samuel Barber - Adagio for Strings, op.11[/VIDEO]

    the song does something very special in terms of emotion, which is universally understood.

    with that being said though, it's not like i'm very good at orchestral music and stuff myself. i've made a couple songs though:
    Sang @ - last ned musikk fra undergrunnsband
    SoundClick artist: MF Kitten - groovy, heavy, athmospheric, moody, ambient
    Sang @ - last ned musikk fra undergrunnsband (made this one for fun, and i hope you recognize it! :P)

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    omfg double post!
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    Thanks for the feedback guys

    Now you've mentioned it Abhorred the gongs certainly sound obtrusive and overused, they sound pretty bad in places to me now...I'll work on that when I redo the pieces. I'm still finding my feet with orchestral stuff and don't always notice stuff like that so cheers! I'm using East West samples btw

    Thanks also MF Kitten, I agree and i'm deffo trying to work on that side of things, this mix was really just for that particular style of sound (the brief was for various war game levels with combat, intro etc.). I'm working on some softer and more subtle stuff on a smaller scale so I'll post it once it's done Adagio for Strings is one of my favorite pieces of music ever

    Thanks again

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    I love it and find it extremely well performed. Only the "snare" sound is somehow "wrong". Maybe too strong. Everything else is perfect!
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    How'd I miss this?

    Nice work bro! This is excellent!

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    Gongs make for good trailer music or video game music if placed appropriately... but perhaps a bit too often?

    Some of this is actually quite strong! I'm not hearing much of the low string orchestration through my shitty laptop speakers (so I can't comment on my particular area of expertise,) but overall it is excellent!
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