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Thread: MIDI control of real recordings? Cool!

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    MIDI control of real recordings? Cool!

    [VIDEO]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UE-wrYK8JSY]YouTube - Celemony DNA[/VIDEO]
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    That is fucking awesome!

    Though I hope this doesn't go down a similar road as autotune and make lazy, talentless musicians more lazy and talentless.

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    Wow, that looks seriously cool, though I have to wonder how much Marco's post will come true.
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    I have the single note at a time celemony... works great. It let me fix a few vocal things here and there, as well as correcting one note in a keyboard part that meant that track was done instead of having to send the file back to the keyboarder to fix one note.

    I've also used it to "tighten" bass as well. When a bass is hit hard, it's sharp at first, and then settles in... using pitch correction can get tighter more in tune bass quicker.

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    I've played with Melodyne before. Cool stuff for sure.

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