Logic Pro 9.1 update (64-bit version available)

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Thread: Logic Pro 9.1 update (64-bit version available)

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    Logic Pro 9.1 update (64-bit version available)

    Been running this in 64-bit mode all day. Other than the usual "32-bit only" issues with Rewire, and one plugin waiting for a patch (BFD2). Everything is running fine in 32-bit AU Bridge. All included plugins and effects with Logic seem to be running as 64-bit.

    Now plugin devs don't have any more reasons to not update their products to 64-bit for Snow Leopard. I'm looking @ you Propellerheads.

    Logic Pro 9.1: Release notes
    Logic Pro and MainStage 64-bit mode FAQ

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    I've gotta get off my ass and pick up Logic. And probably a better machine to run it on. :/

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    Cool stuff. Will grab the update later.

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    Logic Pro 64-bit the talk of the NAMM music show | The Loop

    One problem plug-in makers face is with the Pace Anti-Piracy technology. Currently, Pace requires plug-ins to be 32-bit, so some plug-ins may take longer than others before making the move to 64-bit.

    Pace declined to comment for this story.

    F Pace.

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