Screw M-Audio, I need a new audio interface

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Thread: Screw M-Audio, I need a new audio interface

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    Screw M-Audio, I need a new audio interface

    M-Audio's Windows 7 64-bit drivers have been the subject of much customer dissatisfaction (just read the forums for a day and count the number of problems people have) - 64 bit drivers didn't exist for a while, and now they consistently produce crashes, clicks, pops, etc.

    I'm sick of it, and sick of M-Audio doing nothing about it. I'm going to replace my FireWire solo with something from another manufacturer, and I need recommendations.

    I'm looking for something with phantom power and support for at least two mics, although I'm open to ideas about outboard preamps (which will probably sound better anyway) I like the idea of a MIDI controller keyboard and recording interface combination, just to save desk space, but that's not a requirement. Either FireWire or USB2 is fine with me, I just want something from a company with a solid track record.

    The PreSonus FireBox looks like it might fit the bill?

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    Never mind, reading the PreSonus forums, same deal as M-Audio

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    Can I have your old interface?

    edit: ahhh ninja'd, sucks about 64 bit support, but it's always been neglected.

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    Check the for-sale forums, when I find a replacement, it'll end up there :P

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    I made the switch from M-Audio to Presonus myself, Keith.

    Overall, I've been happy. I'm not 100% sure, but I think the pres have been a little nicer on the Firepod than they were on my old Firewire 410 - it could have been I just got better at tracking and mixing, however. They're certanly quiet, though. The one disadvantage I've found is that the Firewire 410 supported more than one sampling rate at a time - if I wanted to play something back at 44.1k, then something else at 96k, it'd be no problem. The Firepod, however, only supported one sampling rate at a time. In practice, there isn't much advantage to working in anything higher than 44.1, of course (the jump from 16 bit to 24 bit, however, is material) so this wasn't a big deal for me.

    Weird connectivity issues I'm having now (which, realistically, are probably my computer and not the firepod), I'm happy with it and do feel overall it's a better product.

    EDIT - I was too wordy. Oh well, good luck, whatever you do.
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    M-Audio is horrible with drivers. My PCI card didn't have working Vista drivers until near the release of Windows 7. I haven't bothered to check if there are any Windows 7 drivers yet, but I wouldn't be surprised if there weren't. I recently got a PreSonus FireStudio Mobile firewire box, and so far so good. I haven't tested it too extensively yet, and I'm on XP 32-bit until my laptop gets here, but getting it to work went a lot smoother than I think it did with the M-Audio card.

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    Well there's two votes for PreSonus

    Looks like the FireStudio Mobile is the newer product, but it has no line outs?

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    We used a Presonus something at school with a Mac. Worked fine, sounded great; it was a 1U higher-end model with 6 inputs though.
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