New Axe FX tune - "Forward Progress" - Superior2/SLS/BKPs

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Thread: New Axe FX tune - "Forward Progress" - Superior2/SLS/BKPs

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    New Axe FX tune - "Forward Progress" - Superior2/SLS/BKPs

    Tried a bunch of new shit on this one... new Axe tone that blends a Diezel & Powerball to get an almost-Invader sound, changed from mastering with a C4 & L2 to using Gclip, switched to the Superior 2 kick from the old superior kick, tried to get a louder mix.. but stopped before it got as loud & bright as a bulb mix.

    This is what I ended up with. Has some rough edges, and is about half as long as I would like. but without vocals, it gets pretty boring, so I figured I'd just shorten it up for instrumental purposes. So if it seems abrupt, its because half of the tune is missing All guitar & bass parts are 100% Axe

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    That sounds neat!
    Clean and well defined.
    Enough gain to cover my needs ,and nice growl.
    I dig the song btw ,only the drums on 00: 56 and on are not fitting well.Till the riff changes again!

    Cool thing! Thanx!
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    Damn you with all your GAS inducing clips

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    the tone on the first riff reminded me a lot of tool.

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