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Thread: Recorded a song with the JMP-1 into an impulse

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    Recorded a song with the JMP-1 into an impulse

    SoundClick artist: leecassidy - page with MP3 music downloads

    I've been using Pod Farm for about a year now, and whilst I love the ease of it, I'm just not able to craft a tone I'm happy with. It always sounds great for a bit, then I get the dreaded 'fizz' sound and can't shift it.

    So, after playing around and discovering I can't get a good tone with the TriAxis either, I went back to my JMP-1. Was instantly pleased with the results. I mean, it's not the sound I want exactly, but it is ok to my ears.

    I've also been working on a kit in Superior 2.0, and a bass patch in Pod Farm, and this is the overall result. I've recorded this song with my band about three times now. It's pretty old (and not where I am musically now). This version was knocked up in about four hours to give to a vocalist who is auditioning. The leads were thrown on just so it has a solo, but I'll want to refine this at some point.

    On that note, I'm really not happy with the lead tone. It's a little too much like Yngwie (that's the only way I can describe it) for my liking. And when the harmony line comes in, it sounds like Brian May! That's not a sound I'm looking for. I'm not convinved I'll get the leads I want out of the JMP-1...

    Drew stated that the tone I used on the video I did last wasn't very nice. A couple of people also said it sounded very digital. So, I hope this tone is an improvement. It was a concerted effort to be so.

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    Sounds good, but the riff thats starts at 0:34 has that digital clicky sound that makes triplets a bitch, the bass and kit sounded fantastical. I think the lead sounded awesome man, i love the neck pickup-y sound, and the melody was very well orchestrated with the other instruments. props.

    Ever direct recorded an Engl E530? tasty-ness

    also that 3:40 lil bass lick = awesome

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    Funny, I quite liked that click. I thought it was a sharp Evergrey-type tight sound. You think it still sounds digital? It's a tube pre-amp. If I can't get away from that digital sound with this, I'm doomed

    That bass part is the only bass played by the bassist of the band. It's a really old recording, with a horrible sharp sound, but I couldn't play that bit, so I had to use it. I'll get him to redo it soon.

    I'm pretty pleased with the kit. I think the snare needs a little work. It gets a bit buried. But glad someone else digs it, too.

    I've not tried an E530, no. I'm interested in Engl, though. I've heard a few people who use them (mainly the Invader, but also the Powerball) and get tones I really like with them. I've read a lot of conflicting opinions about the E530. Several folk have said it doesn't have anywhere near the gain associated with Engl, and yet others have acknowledged this concern and then claimed it's false. I can't vouch for anyone's opinion on the subject, and I can't try one out.

    Because of this, I've assumed I'd primarily be interested in their pricier stuff. The sounds I've liked have been mainly from the Invader, and I can't imagine their cheapest (pre)amp can relpicate the sound of one of their top tier amps. I've not heard many clips of the E530, and the ones I have clearly haven't attempted a very tight "modern" metal sound. Do you have clips of it?

    And thanks for checking and the feedback, dude. Much appreciated.

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    Drum sounds are super personal. Especially when you're using a fake kit to generate them. i still prefer real drums at all times, even if they aren't recorded super well. They just sound better(to me). I generally will mix in a sample for the kick and maaaaybe the snare for a recording but will mix them low, depending on the kick sound i may replace it entirely and try to get a deeper, less clicky sound.

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    The low chugs are very, very tight; that makes it feel "digital" to me, but honestly I don't consider that too much of a knock. It still sounds great and I have no complaint about it.
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    Cool, thanks Josh. That's a nice bit of reassurance. I just listened again and I'm still pretty pleased with the tone. I don't hear a digital quality to it. Maybe my ears are fucked.

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    It all sounds great to me I really like the song too

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    I thought that sounded badass. The lead tone was awesome in my opinion. I also don't think it digital. Like said above, it is easier to here a digital tone when the rhythm "chugs" are so tight. I'm no recording expert or anything, but I think if you possibly recorded a bass track doing the same rhythms there, it will fill out some more low end giving it a more full, rounder, tight sound. Or maybe making the bass louder? I have no idea. Don't listen to me.

    But like I said, I'm no recording expert and I struggle with recordings. Anyways, props for an awesome song.

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