Demo for My bands New E.P (Atmosphere,s2.0,Axe-Fx,youtube content)

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Thread: Demo for My bands New E.P (Atmosphere,s2.0,Axe-Fx,youtube content)

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    Demo for My bands New E.P (Atmosphere,s2.0,Axe-Fx,youtube content)

    [VIDEO]]YouTube - Sectioned DEMO titled 'Begin' - E.P Demo[/VIDEO]

    It's rough around the edges but it was just to get a feel for the song! The final will be a lot more refined.

    Read the song description for more info.

    We're releasing our first song from our 'E.P' on Monday aka my Birthday, so will keep you guys posted. It's more heavy than the tracks currently on our youtube chan!

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    Cool - I dig atmospheric shit.
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