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Thread: Does this happen to you?

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    Does this happen to you?

    You know what stalls me recording sometimes?

    I just sit there and listen to my half-finished song over and over again. Before I know it, it's time to go to bed and I haven't accomplished anything new with it

    Tell me I'm not the only one with this horribly narcissistic trait.

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    i used to do that a lot. not because i wanted to hear how awesome i am (which i am), but for judging the mix, recodring takes, and progressions. unfortunately, it always leads to ear-fatigue and loss of objectivity therefore, i try to avoid it

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    I agree with loktide. Sometimes I'll record three or four takes of the same riff and mute all of them but one and keep listening to them to determine which one sounds best. Of course, after a while, I just go insane and lose all objectivity alltogether. Which is bad. Real bad.

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    Nope, your music usually has to sound good for that issue to be present.

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    I've developed a 'Don't care about it so much' attitude when I'm writing, to keep the creativity flowing, then I go back and tidy up & re-work.

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    definitely. I'm terrible when it comes to finishing anything.

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    Oh, yes.

    And whats even worse is when I get into 'perfectionist tweak' mode, where I'll listen to a take 10 times, and tweak something over and over again, even if it's just the tiniest, incremental amount.

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    I have a whole ton of recording-related foibles that are delaying my album more or less indefinitely, but for whatever reason this isn't one of them. I DO occasionally sit there and listen to a lead guitar-less mix with my eyes closed and try to just "hear" the solo section for a few times before I pick up a guitar, sometimes, to try to work out where I want to go with it, but that's about it. One I do start, I generally work pretty quickly. Too quickly, sometimes, where I'm more willing to leave takes that probably aren't really up to par, or not bother to punch in to fix a note or two in an otherwise good solo, or whatever.
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