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Thread: Guys rate a pre-MIX

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    Guys rate a pre-MIX

    Here is a small uncompleted example - right now it has 1 guitar, bass & drums.. soon i`ll post full instrument track i`m working at with 2 guitars & many synth keys
    SoundClick artist: HaZarD96 - page with MP3 music downloads
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    I'm only listening through computer speakers, and I recognize that SoundClick compresses, but I thought the cymbals were too squashed. I'm no recording pro, but I prefer recordings with compression only as needed. Tell me if I'm just hearing the SC compression. Nice guitar tone though.
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    Not bad... My biggest critique is mostly one of arrangement, when that double kick run comes in and you're still playing slow chugs, basically my whole body wants to hear the guitars follow the drums in tempo.

    Other than that, the guitars sound like they should come up a bit, and something sounds odd about the bass, particularly the first chug coming out of the double kick stuff.
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    to Soopahmahn-
    there is no SC compression but yes, all mix is compressed.. thanks! for the guitars, mix really still needs to be corrected and it will be done, when i will solve problems with correlation when synts are added
    to Drew -
    this song is not mine , i am just working it out so i can`t correct arrangements i shall only cut/correct places where tracking is odd, in case that compression is used and i do not have good analog compression unit there really are some problems feels like "mix coming out sometimes" when i have 3 instruments it is not much expressed but this increases when i add tracks
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