Post your Impulse library (and amp sims too)

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Thread: Post your Impulse library (and amp sims too)

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    Post your Impulse library (and amp sims too)

    Please nothing know the drill. Especially if you have something that is rare/hard to find.

    I have some brands i've never heard of before actually such as Alliston, Cambrige, Harvard, Leicester, Mansfield, Oakdale, Oxford, Princeton, Rockport, Rutland, etc. I also have a folder full of Ibanez TS9 impulses I didn't know existed until now

    Some I recommend from my collection: All the Mesa stuff, Bogner XTC wins, the Diezel cabs are nice, the Matchless is pretty cool but can be a little nasally if eq'd wrong, and the VHT cabs are also very nice. - download now for free. File sharing. Software file sharing. Free file hosting. File upload.

    *edit* Discovered Allston (correct spelling) is basically an Orange copy.

    I would LOVE to find some SUNN Impulses and Amp Sims if they exist. That would be amazing.
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    I've already posted mine, they're here.

    Impulses inside

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