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Thread: Mac mastering/wav editing software

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    Mac mastering/wav editing software

    I'm hunting for a piece of software that works like Soundforge on OSX. I've tried a couple but not had much luck.

    Audacity: Doesn't recognize/work with wave plug-ins.
    Bias Peak LE: Same deal, also only supports up to 24-bit files. Tried the demo, didn't work.
    Ableton: Tried it, holy shit overkill, didn't want to RTFM for 3 weeks.
    Soundstudio: Downloaded the demo, crashes immediately on my iMac and my MBP.

    All I want is a program like Soundforge that I can use to import MP3s, drop a couple of waves effects on and normalize.

    What else is out there for around $100 or less?

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    I do it all in Pro Tools, so I'm not sure. Though I've used (and disliked) Peak, which is generally considered the "standard" (or was for a long time, not sure if their reputation is holding up now that there's more options available) despite being ridiculously unstable

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    I'd have bought Peak if it worked, but it doesn't want to look outside /Library for plugins, and I don't see anywhere that I can say "Hey, look here, asshole".

    To try and get around that, I copied my entire waves folder (1GB+) to the locations that it looks. I can see it scanning them when it loads, but they're still not available in the Plugin menu. I googled around and it seems that a lot of people are having the same issue, so they can Peak at my Nuts.

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    if you have logic pro, you get waveburner with it. Which is used for mastering on a mac

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