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Thread: Renaming MIDI keys in Reaper?

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    Renaming MIDI keys in Reaper?

    I'm not sure if it's possible, but if so.. How the hell do I assign names to the keys on the left of the edit window in Reaper? I'm trying to build some drum beats around a rhythm section, and while I can just click the key to see what each "key" is assigned to in terms of which drum sample, it would a bajillion times easier if I could name 'em.

    (Ignore the levels and stereo tracks, I'm just arranging shit and trying my hand at copy/pasting bits around. I have my kick turned WAY the fuck up, to help me "find" the downbeats. )

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    Double right click the note on my PC here, assume it's the same for Mac. There might actually be someone who's done a keymap for EZD already for Reaper but the stashbox appears to be down. They're just text files iirc, I got one for superior a while back.

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