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Thread: mixing breakthrough

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    mixing breakthrough

    So for the last long while I've been unable(read: didn't know how to) use my mixer for actual mixing. I know it sounds dumb but the mixer i have is the mackie onxy 1640i. It has 16 channels and faders and all kinds of goodness. i never understood how to route the channels to go back through the mixer itself to get the goodness of analogue summing and eq from the board. Today I had a kind of epiphany and tried it out. Holy sweet kickass goodness. I am now able to run the tracks through the board to sum and eq. It was really eazy to do and rules.

    So now, as long as I have under 16 tracks I can run each one through each channel and eq each one if needed and if i don't need each channel I can assign them to a bus in my daw and run the whole bus to a channel to give the whole bus a little eq. then sum through the board and export after. Stoked!

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