Hey dudes!

Haven't posted in a while been busy working away on my band 'Sectioned' we got our new E.P coming up but had time to work on my side-project called We! We've got more work with download links up on youtube!

This is axe-fx with a couple of layers, not as many as we usually do because we figure the two of us might wanna play this live. Going to try and get a third guitarist in! It's 8:44 have some patience for it but if you got any feedback on the mix or anything it'd be appreciated! And i'll share whatever info you guys need

take care,


[VIDEO]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mJt6DFj425M]YouTube - We - Aurora Borealis (Axe-Fx + Post-Rock + Superior Drummer 2.0)[/VIDEO]

high quality download available here:

Aurora Borealis | Pedram Valiani