re-tooling my DAW / home studio setup

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Thread: re-tooling my DAW / home studio setup

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    re-tooling my DAW / home studio setup

    I wasn't happy with my old firewire MOTU setup and all it's driver problems in Windows 7, and I didn't want to go back to XP on a desktop computer with 8 GB of RAM, so over the last month or so, I've been working towards a more streamlined simple setup with my laptop.

    So now I basically have a quadcore PC collecting dust. I should sell it

    This is my new recording setup. Based on Rogueleader's recommendation and a little research, I picked up this:

    Buy Focusrite Saffire 6 USB Audio Interface | Audio Interfaces | Musician's Friend

    Nice and simple noiseless 2 input 24 bit/48k USB recording box. I don't need 8-input firewire anymore just recording at home.

    I also picked up a pair of 5" KRK Rokit monitors. They're low end, but sound really rich and so far I'm hearing my mixes a lot better than what I've used before. The only issue I have is I may need to get some quality 1" to 2" thick foam baffles to put underneath them, as I'm getting a lot of extra bass that I'm thinking is coming from resonance through my wooden desk.

    So here's my simple setup, pardon the low quality pics:

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    I just got the exact same interface, superb unit!

    You've actually got the exact little setup I want with the KRK's and an Axe.

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    The foam baffles will help alot.

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    Looks very nice indeed. What's the laptop?

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    Some foam would do some justice for sure. To bad you couldn't get them on stands behind the desk to decouple them,,,but I'll bet allot of the extra bass is coming from the rig being in the corner adding to the standing wave buildup there.
    Cool little rig though,, what kind of Latency are you getting with the Saffire? Have you tried to re-amp anything with the axe-fx?

    So now I basically have a quadcore PC collecting dust. I should sell it
    NO don't sell it,, you should trade it to me for one of my unused guitars ,,,,no seriously.


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    You did get the Saffire 6!

    Good choice

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    Sell the PC and get a Mac.

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