Sectioned first gig (Video footage Axe-Fx's -> Cab)

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Thread: Sectioned first gig (Video footage Axe-Fx's -> Cab)

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    Sectioned first gig (Video footage Axe-Fx's -> Cab)

    [VIDEO]]YouTube - Datura by Sectioned @ Studio 24 - First gig[/VIDEO]

    I was using my Axe-Fx through one channel in a mesa simulclass + Alex ran his through a marshall with a valve king since he doesn't have a poweramp or cab yet.

    Didn't really know where else to post this on here but since the quality was alright for a camera I thought I would anyway! Any general feedback would be welcome. If this is too irrelevant feel free to move/delete!

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    Introdusert , first part , then chaos erupted and i like my good old warrens thank you... (sorry for the malaz reference)

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