Triggering busses/effects in Reaper?

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Thread: Triggering busses/effects in Reaper?

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    Triggering busses/effects in Reaper?

    This is probably Googleable, but I figure some of you may know and be able to save me some time.

    Disclaimer: The following is an example. I'm going to make it up. Therefore, I do not require replies that tell me alternate ways of accomplishing it, or pointers on how to do it better. Anyone doing said things will be banished to the Canada forum with Scott and his Rush threads.

    That said...

    Say I have a handful of rhythm tracks. Let's call it 4, since that's what I record with. Now, I have them all sent to their own bus, EQ'd and compressed and such, and I like how they sound.

    Now, I have a lead section that comes up. And, in my making things up-ness, I want to have a certain EQ kick in that runs the duration of my lead, and then goes away. For example, I want to drop 5hkz from the rhythm track, because I fucking love 5khz so much on my leads, I want them to pop at 5khz. (See above disclaimer!) And then, when my lead is over, I want to either drop the send, or kill the effect from the 4 rhythm tracks so that they get their 5khz back.

    Ideally I'd like to do it with a bus/send, that way I can fuck around with the bus instead of having to individually chop/slice tracks and add/remove effects from them.

    All that said - is there a way to do that? Basically if I make a send that only has a 5khz scoop in it, can I have Reaper auto-send to that bus for a certain period, and then drop the send when my lead is over?

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    I'm not a Reaper user, so I can't guide you step-by-step, but you will need to use track automation for what you want. Maybe someone will chime in with a specific guide, but until then, this article looks like a good start.

    Automation - CockosWiki

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    I don't really use buses much myself but what you'll want to do is put an EQ on the guitar bus. You can then click on the env/automation option and use that to control the EQ. The automation track will be made visible and you can insert points where you want it to come in and out.
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    Thanks guys. Automation was the function that I was looking for.

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    Yeah, automation is definitely your friend, and is especially handy for situations like this.

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