Trying to get my name out as a freelance sound guy

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Thread: Trying to get my name out as a freelance sound guy

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    Trying to get my name out as a freelance sound guy

    Hey fellas. So yea, I recently moved out to LA (about the time I joined this forum, actually) to pursue a career in sound design. I worked for a post production company for a few months, and long story short, I haven't heard from them since November, and I'm currently working at Lowe's just so I can pay rent. Now, since this post production place have pretty much shut me out, I've decided to start doing what I can on my own-while still looking for other gigs, of course. So in the next month, I'm going to put a website together, with a list of my services and rates (sound design, mixing, prostitution, etc), with some examples of my work. Here's the problem: I don't have a whole lot to show right now. I have a couple clips from the movies I've worked on, and I'm currently doing some sound design work for a friend's animation. Once that's done, I'm going to put a demo reel together of my sound editing and sound design work together. I don't have a whole lot to show as far as mixing and mastering music however. So my fellow MGers, I have a proposition for you (yea...remember I said prostitution?): I will mix and/or master anything (and I mean ANYTHING)for free, so long as I'm credited for it, and I get to put it up on my site so people can hear my work.

    Or if anyone has any advice, that would rock

    Just so you guys know, I do have experience with bands and music recording, but it just so happens that right now, I have more to show for my sound design work-or I will, when my buddy's animation is done.

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    I think it would be a great idea to put up a web page to showcase your talents and to get the ball rolling. I wouldn't worry about having just a few clips, as long as you have something. Try to make the examples symmetrical (i.e. level of audio, length of time, etc.) I hate going through a mixed bag of examples. It ends up throwing me off.

    I have a good friend who is a producer at a sound studio, I'll ask her if she's got any tips.

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    Thanks a ton, man! Yea, I'll have to sort through what I have so I can make a solid list. On top of that animation, I'm also supposed to be mastering a friend's album/arranging part of a song/making some sound effects for intros and stuff, so that stuff would have to go up there too.

    Awesome possum

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    I've still got shit-tons of webspace, face

    Just PM me some ideas for a URL, and I can get you up and running

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